I have always wanted to perform woodworking as an art with craftsmanship developed by the use of hand tools more so than resorting to power tools for speed so as to accommodated the production required for today’s expectations.

I started out 43 years ago as Ron’s Woodwworking and have been performing woodworking projects all through these years passing.

I have done many small pieces along the way with many larger remodeling, cabinetry and finishing projects.

Although, I have enjoyed these projects, I now have the desire for HOBBIEST type projects.

Since I was 55, when I started this project, I am still eager to move forward, thus my site needed to be materialized.

Thank you for coming here. I hope to be visiting you by means of your insights, comments, or pictures of projects you wish to share.

Many of the posts I will offer will be in line of my wish list, therefore, I hope to inspire you as a HOBBIEST as well.

All my best wishes to you all,


© copy write

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