This Idea Gallery is where your own inspirations can be shown for inspiring everyone browsing this site.


Artistic doors photographed in Mazatlan Mexico.


A few ideas: five piece caps for newels, old fence board left natural and free standing, columns with corbels and header trim, alder coat and hat rack, fence board built free standing and left natural to provide a western look background for weddings.

New at woodworking and need a resource for setting up shop and plans?  To access this resource which I personally have and recommend for shortening your learning curve, Click here

When you proceed to buy any offer on this site, know that it has been well researched and is a great offer and you will love to have it, as it is a product for your benefit, it is also a way you are able to help me out in funding this site as I build it.

I appreciate your interest and am interested in your journey. Please reach out with questions or thoughts you have.

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